Rental Agreement

 1.  25% non-refundable deposit is required to make a reservation. With the exception of tents, for each tent a $100.00
deposit is required. Final payment is due upon pick up of before delivery of items; delivery will not be
     made unless full payment is received.

 2.  Final Touch reserves the right to withhold rental of any tent/canopy due to possible inclement weather. This is based
      solely on the discretion of Final Touch Management. It is necessary that any event scheduled to take place in an
      outdoor location have an alternate facility if need be.

 3.  Quantities can be adjusted up until one week prior to pick up/delivery date: otherwise customer must pay for original
      amount requested. A reduction in numbers greater than 25% of original order will be considered as a cancellation,
      deposit will be forfeited in this case. Numbers may be increased based on availability.

 4.  Items must be returned on the agreed "due back" date stated; late returns will result in extra day(s) rental fees. This
      also applies to additional pickup attempts made by our drivers.

 5.  The contracted client is responsible for the linens and other items rented. Permanent stains and damage such as rips, 
      cigarette or candle burns, wax, mold, pen marks etc. and/or missing items, will result in additional cleaning fees or
      replacement costs.

 6.  The replacement costs may vary from $3 - $7 for a napkin and $40 - $150 per tablecloth depending on the size
      and style, the contracted client will be informed of replacement cost of other items before the credit card is charged.

 7.  Final Touch takes pride in customer satisfaction. If for some reason you don't receive the proper amount ordered you
      must notify our staff immediately. It is your responsibility to make sure all the items are accounted for upon pick up,
      delivery, drop off and return.

 8.  This signed agreement authorizes Final Touch to charge the credit card on file for rentals, late returns, damage or
      loss. If items are missing upon return customers will have 3 business days to locate and return items before the card is

 9.  Tables and chairs are to be re-stacked in the same area they were dropped off. Rental prices on accessories such as
      tables and chairs do not include distribution at the site, set up or break down. Items are dropped at ground level


11.  The signatory (Renter) hereby authorizes Final Touch Party Rental to make use of the Visa/Master Card account
     number included for payment to the stated charges upon the rental order form, also for payment of any incurred
     damages of the stated rental items. The renter agrees to pay for lost, missing or damaged items. Cleaning charges
     may apply where excessive use is observed. The renter is liable for injury, disability, death or damage to persons or
     property arising from the use of the items and the Renter indemnifies and saves harmless Final Touch Party Rentals
     and it employees against all such liability and against all other loss, expense or damage relating in any way to the
     rental item or use of items. The Renter agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement and is
     aware of our policies and procedures with respect to items in / items out, ccancellations etc. FTPR